Welcome to Rants and Stuff.

This is a site/blog where I write about things. Most things will fall into the following categories:


Trust me.  It’s better to keep them here than all bottled up inside or scribbled down on post its and stuck all over my refrigerator. My rants fall under three subcategories: Political, Religious and Other.


Sometimes things hit the news and the vast majority of people that see it are only really getting slanted opinions on the subjects.  This confuses many of us.  This is especially true here in America because we are typically too damned busy (or lazy) to sit down and research things or read/learn about them.  But it’s, that’s what I’m here for. I have lots of extra time on my hands, so let me do the work for you.  Here we will explore these stories and I will aide in filing you in on the subject.  This is a great place to learn things and regurgitate what you’ve learned to your friends.  Reading these yummy morsels of information will give your friends the impression that you are thoughtful, intelligent and well read.



Sometimes I write about things that aren’t really rants.  I call this stuff.

I write a lot.  When I write an article or list, I try to sell it to make money.  Many times the powers that be reject my hard work.  That’s okay.  I don’t mind.  But I still did the work, so I will post all of my rejects here so you can tell me how much I suck :)

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